Medication Synchronization Program

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Synchronize your prescriptions, Simplify your life. What does this mean? By enrolling in our free program, all your prescriptions will be ready on the same day each month. Your pickup date will be the same date each month. Eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy during the month. One week before your pickup date, you’ll get an automated phone call informing you of your pickup date. If there are medication changes, call us back and well make the necessary changes. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll fill exactly what we filled the previous month. Just like magic, you simply show up at our pharmacy on your pickup date and all your monthly medications will be ready. No refills on your prescriptions, no problem! We’ll call your doctor to obtain the necessary refills so that we can have all your medication ready on your designated pickup date.

Ready to Synchronize your prescriptions and simplify your life? Call us today to enroll or click on the link below, print and fill it out, and bring it in to Homer Drug Company to get started: